M.Des [Master of Design] Course details , Duration,Fees,Job,Scope ,Top colleges

2 years
Average Fees
INR 50,000 - 3.2 LPA

M.des Course:

A postgraduate degree program called the Master of Design (M.Des) focuses on giving students greater knowledge and skills in design so they can work as professionals in the industry. The M.Des course is primarily intended for people who have finished their undergraduate studies in design or a closely related topic and want to further develop their design skills, explore new design frameworks, and focus on a particular design discipline.

The M.Des course typically offers specialization options in areas such as industrial design, graphic design, communication design, fashion design, interior design, user experience (UX) design, interaction design, animation design, and more. Students can choose a specialization based on their interests and career goals, and delve deeper into the specific field of design through advanced coursework, research projects, internships, and practical hands-on experiences.


The average course fees for M.Des [Master of Design] Courses range between INR INR 50,000 - 3.2 LPA.

M.Des [Master of Design] Quick facts

Highlights for M.Des [Master of Design] program are provided in the table given below:

Course Level Masters
Full form M.Des [Master of Design]
Duration 2 years
Examination type Semester
Eligibility Obtain a bachelors degree in design with 45% marks
Age Limit Minimum 21yr old
Course fee INR 50,000 - 3.2 LPA
Average Salary INR 9 LPA
Job Positions Fashion designer, Graphic designer, Fashion stylist Art/Set director, Design manager, and many more
M.Des [Master of Design] Eligibility & Entrance exam

Admission process for M.Des course:

1. M.Des course’s eligibility criteria:

Students who wish to enroll in an M.Des course must be aware of the various M.Des eligibility requirements for admission. Students must have obtained a bachelor's degree in the same field with a minimum overall grade point average of 45% (or 40% for SC/ST candidates), or a comparable degree. Different colleges and institutions may have their own entrance exams that students must pass with good grades in order to be admitted, in addition to the eligibility requirements already mentioned. student's minimum age must be 21 years old to apply for the course.


2. M.Des course entrance exam:

Many colleges or institutions require candidates to appear for an entrance exam as part of the admission process for M.Des. The entrance exam may assess the candidate's aptitude, design skills, creativity, logical reasoning, and other relevant aspects. The format, syllabus, and weightage of the entrance exam may vary depending on the college or institution.

College Name

Entrance Exam Name

National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad


IIT Bombay


IIT Delhi


IIT Hyderabad


National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai


National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi


Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune



M.Des [Master of Design] Duration & Fees

M.Des course duration and fees:

The duration and fees of M.Des (Master of Design) course may vary depending on the college or institution offering the program in India.


The duration of M.Des course is usually 2 years, divided into 4 semesters. However, some colleges or institutions may offer M.Des programs with a different duration, such as 1.5 years or 3 years, depending on the specialization and curriculum.


The fees for M.Des course can vary significantly depending on the college or institution, location, reputation, facilities, and other factors. On average, the fees for M.Des program in India can range from INR 50,000 to INR 5,00,000 or more per year. Please note that the fees mentioned are indicative and may vary widely, and it's always recommended to check the specific fees of the colleges or institutions where you wish to apply.

M.Des [Master of Design] Jobs,Scope,Salary after course

M.Des course’s Scope:

The scope after M.Des course includes opportunities in the design industry, corporate sector, entrepreneurship, academia and research, freelancing and consulting, as well as international opportunities. Graduates can work as design professionals, design managers, design strategists, UX/UI designers, product designers, design consultants, design researchers, or design educators. They can find employment in design studios, advertising agencies, branding and communication firms, fashion houses, textile companies, interior design firms, product design companies, UX/UI design agencies, technology companies, consumer goods companies, automotive companies, and other design-related organizations.



Job Role

Job Description

Average Salary

Graphic designer

Design logos, art, web pages, digital visiting cards, layouts for companies,

INR 8 to 10 LPA

Fashion designer

Conducting research on fashion trends, fabrics, and colors, and translating them into creative and commercially viable designs

INR 10 to 12 LPA

Fashion photographer

Editing and retouching images to ensure the highest level of quality and aesthetic appeal for final publication or presentation.


Fashion stylist

Selecting and coordinating clothing, accessories, and other fashion items to create visually appealing and on-trend looks for clients or fashion shoots.


Art/set director

Creating and overseeing the visual direction and concept development for art and set designs in graphic design projects, including print, digital, and multimedia.


M.Des [Master of Design] Top colleges offering course

Top colleges for M.Des course in India.

In India, a number of prestigious colleges provide Master of Design (M.Des) programs. The following are some of the top colleges in India offering M.Des programs:

College Name



MIT Institute of Design


INR 7,13,000

CEPT University


INR 7,56,000

Lovely Professional University

Jalandhar, Punjab

INR 3,22,000

M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (MSRUAS)


INR 3,33,900

Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology


INR 11,04,000


The information above may change; for accurate information, please consult the official websites. To get a real-time answer, contact our academic counselor.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is an M.Des course?

Top Answer By Searchyourcollege Team on 29 May 2024

A postgraduate programme called an M.Des focuses on the advanced study and practise of design in a variety of fields, including fashion design, interior design, communication design, industrial design, and UX/UI design.

2. What are the eligibility criteria for an M.Des course?

Top Answer By Searchyourcollege Team on 29 May 2024

Various educational institutions have different requirements for admission to their M.Des programs, but generally speaking, applicants must have earned a Bachelors degree in design or a closely related discipline from an accredited university with a minimum stated percentage or CGPA.

3. What are the subjects covered in an M.Des course?

Top Answer By Searchyourcollege Team on 29 May 2024

The topics included in an M.Des course may change based on the specialization, but they often involve design theory, design research, design thinking, the design process, advanced design methodologies.

4. What are the career prospects after completing an M.Des course?

Top Answer By Searchyourcollege Team on 29 May 2024

Graduates of M.Des programmes can find employment in design studios, design firms, research institutions, academia, and other industries as designers, design managers, creative directors, researchers, and other relevant positions.

5. Is an M.Des a good career option?

Top Answer By Searchyourcollege Team on 29 May 2024

Yes, for those who are interested in the subject of design and wish to specialise in a particular area, an M.Des can be a suitable career choice. An M.Des degree might offer enhanced abilities, information, and chances for professional advancement in the design field.

6. What are the skills required for a career in design?

Top Answer By Searchyourcollege Team on 29 May 2024

Creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication skills, project management, technical expertise relating to the chosen speciality, and the capacity to operate in a team context are just a few of the abilities needed for a career in design.

7. What is the duration of an M.Des course?

Top Answer By Searchyourcollege Team on 29 May 2024

An M.Des course might last anywhere between one and two years, depending on the programme and educational institution.

8. Can I pursue a Ph.D. after completing an M.Des course?

Top Answer By Searchyourcollege Team on 29 May 2024

If you are interested in research and an academic career in the subject of design, you can pursue a Ph.D. in Design or a similar topic after finishing an M.Des programme.


Top Answer By Searchyourcollege Team on 29 May 2024


Top Answer By Searchyourcollege Team on 29 May 2024